Unwanted Xmas gifts and what to do with them

Unwanted Xmas gifts and what to do with them

So how was your Christmas? If it was anything like the experiences recounted in the Spicer office post-holiday then you probably ate too much, drank profligately, visited too many people and regretted the amount you ending up spending, whilst somehow managing to avoid all those films you wanted to watch. And how’s the winter wardrobe shaping up after all that indulgence?

And what about presents. Did you receive all the items that you’d fastidiously recorded on your internet wish-list over the year or did you somehow end up with that inappropriate item of clothing that wasn’t worth a refund because its net worth amounted to less than the cost of a mince pie?

It’s a funny old time, Christmas. A whole lot of work, expense, and organisation (and time, that most precious of things); all for the sake of a few days celebrating something or other. And in these less religious times what are we celebrating exactly? Well it seems that in the absence of a convenient deity to glorify (and if you did want to exalt the Lord on his actual anniversary you’d have a job finding out the real date) it seems only right that we take some vital time out within the depths of winter to show our affection for friends and family with a hearty feast. And if we wish to express our mutual appreciation for each other with some gifts then so much the better.

So what does that pair of socks you received in the wrong size (again) signify? And the novelty pair of slippers that you only wore out of respect on the day for the person who bought them, despite the fact that no self-respecting person would ever wear them (or buy them for that matter).

And we wonder why we overindulge. 

Perhaps such ephemeral gifts are a sign that Christmas presents are only meant to be taken seriously by children. With age, most adults seem content with more sensory-related pleasures like food and drink rather than actual things. In the right hands, a good bottle of scotch can work more miracles than all of Santa’s gifts combined.

Unlike last year, this Christmas was a far more satisfying affair for me gifts-wise; primarily because most relatives agreed to hang back on presents for adults, bringing along a contribution of food and drink instead. Result. Having said that,  I did get exactly the same presents again from the very same person – none of which were needed!

So if you ended up with a surplus of useless toot then there’s always eBay and rather handily we’ve created a blog featuring our top 5 tips for selling on that very useful PCT (post-Christmas trauma) site, as well as a very informative film!


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