Time for a Review?

Time for a Review?

Do you only ever see your “rep” when they sheepishly stick their head around your door with an annual rate increase?

Even if you have spent more with your carrier over the last year you can’t always avoid the dreaded rate increases and fuel… don’t even get me started on fuel.

Perhaps now is a good time to review your carrier. There are so many options now available it can be a bit of a minefield trying to find the right service partner.

You need a local business
Why? A local business is guaranteed to collect and will most probably offer a later collection times.
You need a small business
Why? A small business will value your business considerably more than a large business.
You need an established business
Why? An established business shows longevity and commitment.
You need a knowledgeable business
Why? A knowledgeable business can provide advice, help and guidance.

Spicer International ticks all these boxes. We are local, small, established and knowledable. Oh and plus we’ve just held our rates for the 3rd year in a row.

Got a question? Call us on 01903 204666 or e-mail sales@spicerinternational.com

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Stuart Spicer has become a vital partner since our company outsourced our warehousing and logistics function to Spicer International. Stuart is always ready to go the extra mile, and is a great problem solver. He is honest and never afraid to confront an issue. Also fun to work with and handles pressure with great professionalism.
Metrocomp Ltd