So I started my business from home; it was the only way to survive in a cash strapped start-up environment. Within a year I was getting complaints from my wife that she couldn’t get into the lounge or navigate down the hallway for boxes. Our house was no longer a home, rather a transit room for boxes. It was time to move my business up and out to the next level.

Strangely there are many types of storage facilities. From your loft, your back bedroom, secure lock ups to racked warehouse facilities like the one we have now. They all offer one thing; freeing up space.

But what more could they offer?

  • Have you ever waited in for a delivery that didn’t turn up? Well what about a warehouse which acts as your delivery address? It could then be a place that you can collect from or have a delivery from when it is convenient with you.
  • What about packing?
  • What about inventory management?
  • What about distribution?

You can store anything, from the contents of your garage to your archived documents, from your business products to your excess stock. There is no limit and no real commodity that can’t be accommodated.

Think about it, your storage solution should be so much more.

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We have been using Spicers for some years now and thoroughly recommend them. They are reliable and helpful, nothing is too much of a problem. We never have to worry about any parcels going missing and their rates are very reasonable. In fact, after moving our business from Worthing to Devon, we still only use Spicer International for our collections.
CS Components Ltd