Our service / Your reputation

Our service / Your reputation

When our service works we’re the reason you succeed; we make you look good by getting your product there, on time, to the right place and in one beautiful piece. It was as if you’d driven it there yourself and handed over their purchase on a golden platter whilst being serenaded by beautiful angels singing hallelujah.

Yes all us couriers, hauliers, integrators and freight forwarders are simply the best thing ever.

Ok so that’s an ever-so-slight exaggeration. But it’s true when the service works. But what about when it doesn’t? Ah now we’re getting to the nitty gritty of everything – when things go wrong how does your supplier react?

How a business reacts and how they resolve an issue is really the only difference between you and your competitor. Yes people would argue that price has a lot to do with is but you must have heard the phrase “you get what you pay for” or “you pay peanuts you get monkeys”. There’s always someone cheaper than you and someone who will make promises that they just can’t keep. When their service fails (and it will, I guarantee that) there will be no backup or support, you’ll be left high and dry.

Turning a negative into a positive is what can set you apart. Being proactive rather than reactive can quickly take the sting out of a situation.

Let me give you an example. Here at Spicer International we monitor everything that we dispatch or arrange on your behalf. This means that if we notice that a consignment is not out for delivery on the intended day we will let you know. This gives you the chance to let your client know. Yes they may be annoyed but they are informed. Rather than sitting in all day waiting for a delivery driver who will never turn up they can get on with something else.

The alternative? Well how about an angry phone call at 4pm from your customer?

In today’s social media environment make the wise decision to partner with like-minded companies. They are not only carrying your goods but also your reputation.

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We no longer look anywhere else when it comes to shipping. One email or phone call and I know that it will be done. Nothing is too much trouble. My business gets all the benefits of dealing with the big international cargo companies but with a local, personal service.