One hour photo

One hour photo

Do you remember when you used to come back from holiday with a reel of photos to develop and you used to rush down to the shops to have them developed? More often than not you’d pay top $ to get them developed within the hour; the anticipation was just too much to bear. 5 minutes after looking at your newly developed photos you were financially regretting your impatience and realising that actually yes, you could have waited until the next day and saved yourself that premium charge.

Many of our customers will come to us asking for a next day price as their customer has made the same demand. What do we do? We offer them a selection of rates from a next day, 2-3 day, 3-4 day, 4-5 day – literally any option available with the cost savings highlighted.

Why do we do this? Well if they offer those same options to their customer then their customer may realise that yes, they could wait for a day or more. The result? The receiver pays less, our client gets the order and we get the shipping. Plus maybe, just maybe the receiver will order again and become a regular customer.

If we’d given just the one option originally requested then the order may never have been placed, lost over the shipping cost and another customer could go walking.

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Stuart Spicer has become a vital partner since our company outsourced our warehousing and logistics function to Spicer International. Stuart is always ready to go the extra mile, and is a great problem solver. He is honest and never afraid to confront an issue. Also fun to work with and handles pressure with great professionalism.
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