The Olympic Standard – 5 winning traits

The Olympic Standard – 5 winning traits

It’s that time again. As the world focuses its attention on the sun-kissed Rio Olympics, we’re braced for a month of being impressed and occasionally gob-smacked by the exploits of the greatest athletes on the planet. So exactly what motivates Usain Bolt to keep winning? How did Rafaela Silva take Gold in Judo, especially after disqualification in London 2012? And what compels an individual to dedicate their life to Greco-Roman wrestling?

Here are some qualities that set the medal-winners apart from the rest of the pack.

Focus, dedication, passion, adaptability & teamwork

Of course, these are traits that can be applied to most areas of life. And when it comes to our great range of services and business expertise, Spicer International aims to be no exception!

So how do we apply these 5 characteristics within our specialised field?

Focus: There’s an expression: “Do what you do best and outsource the rest,” or in other words, “Play to your strengths.” With the exception of some noted track and field athletes, the majority of Olympians focus on one single discipline. With years of valuable experience, we know where we excel and it all comes down to the movement and storage of goods. By concentrating on these key areas we can always stay focused and find ways to improve.

Dedication: A wholehearted commitment to achieving goals is a major factor when it comes to success. Here at Spicer we’re thoroughly dedicated to YOU reaching your goals. Whether you’re a business or domestic customer, your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.

Adaptability: No matter how diligent and precise your preparation for the big event, the unexpected is always a possibility. How you deal with life’s random factors can determine your ultimate performance. In the often frenetic realms of sport and business, a flexible mind-set, speed of thought and an ability to instantly implement Plan B can be crucial in standing apart from the competition.

Passion: It’s all very well having many of the core components required for success but these will undoubtedly collapse unless they’re built around the vital element of passion. Passion is the starting point, the (Olympic) flame that can blaze a trail and light the way for all else to follow. Our desire for excellence is the spark that we aim to inspire staff and clients alike with!

Teamwork:  Like a link in a chain, the above points would all be for nothing without the essential factor of teamwork. This applies to choosing the best possible staff members as well as the most reliable service partners. There are many features that make for a successful team, with individuals contributing different qualities. But without the fundamental bonds of trust, co-operation and mutual motivation, then singular attributes count for little. Respect for your team members, combined with a healthy dose of humour and a willingness to help each other is a winning formula!

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