How we can help

How we can help

Freight… Cargo… Logistics… Fulfilment… I can see you switching off already. I mean it’s not exactly the sort of subject that anyone would really be interested in talking about, let alone want to hear about. But when you manufacture and/or want to sell a product it’s the subject of freight and logistics which become the key to your success. After all, you’ve done the hard work – you’ve manufactured or sourced a product, you’ve done your marketing and, most importantly, you’ve found someone to buy what you’re selling. Now without being able to deliver your product to your customer, let alone be able to manufacture it in the first place, you wouldn’t have a business at all. Yet we find time and time again it is this last leg of the journey which is seemingly ignored. New and small businesses, with their limited budgets, are forced to utilise slow, inefficient and unreliable services. Many post and hope for the best, moving quickly on to finding the next customer, the next sale or the next opportunity. This is where Spicer International can help.

Now shipping, whether the goods are moving by air, road or sea, fall into two distinct categories – those you pay for and those you don’t. Those you don’t pay for are the ones where your customer or supplier arranges and pays for, door to door. Those you do pay for are the ones where Spicer International can help.

As an import example…

CFR where you are importing and the supplier is paying the freight charges to the UK, then you may be being overcharged for UK Customs clearance and delivery. This is where Spicer International can help.

Ex-Works where you are responsible for collecting goods from your supplier. This is where Spicer International can help.

FOB where the shipper covers the cost to the port or airport of departure but you take up the cost from there. This is where Spicer International can help.

Acronyms, don’t we all just love them – ETA, DDU, FOB, DDP, POD, CIP, ETD, CIF, CMR, AWB, CPT, NES, CFR… I mean the list goes on. Of course knowing what all these means can be vital but where do you draw the line? After all you’ve got enough on your plate within your own business and industries. Out-sourcing to Spicer International means out-sourcing to LOCAL experts. We will sit and talk to you face-to-face to provide advice or resolve an issue. The option? Well you can talk to a faceless forwarder who is 100+ miles away. A faceless forwarder who is only interested in finding the next customer, the next sale or the next opportunity.

Why not talk to us, after all it doesn’t cost anything to talk.


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