Goods not insurable under our standard policy

Due to the nature of an open cargo risk it is not possible to provide a definitive list.

Excluded Goods

Goods or merchandise for which we do not provide cover unless declared by the Assured and agreed in writing by Insurers prior to shipment:

1. Precious metals, diamonds and other stones;
2. Bullion, money, credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, cash replacement cards, store and gift vouchers and cards, travellers’ cheques, securities, bonds, deeds, bank notes, treasury notes, stamps, and similar cash substitutes;
3. Documents, manuscripts, plans, designs, photographic negatives, patterns, moulds, and the like;
4. Antiques, paintings, statues and other objets d’art;
5. Weapons and explosives of all kinds;
6. Live animals and plants;
7. Furs, leathers, skins and the like;
8. Wines, spirits, beers, cigars, cigarettes, tobacco and similar high duty items;
9. Temperature controlled cargoes, fresh foodstuffs, bagged foodstuffs;
10. Drugs, pharmaceuticals and medicines;
11. Laptop computers, tablet computers, personal computers, computer chips, memory modules, expansion cards, software licences, and the like;
12. Plasma screens;
13. Mobile communication devices (including mobile phones, smart phones and PDAs), pre-paid mobile phone vouchers, SIM cards, accessories, and the like;
14. Non-ferrous metals, scrap metals and second-hand goods, rejected goods, returned goods;
15. Timber, cement and other building materials;
16. Bulk cargoes;
17. Unpacked and unprotected goods;
18. Household goods and personal effects; privately-owned motor vehicles.

Approved General Merchandise is noted as;

General Cargo and/or Merchandise are deemed to be “Approved”if they attract no special hazard in regard to stowage, handling, packing or during normal methods of transit or by their inherent nature are not more than normally susceptible to loss and/or damage arising from pilferage, leakage, shortage, loss in weight, breakage, scratching, bruising, chipping, denting, bending or crushing or are not liable to perish, deteriorate or suffer any changes in quality or suffer from electrical, mechanical or any other form of derangement or breakdown.