Why you should choose Spicer International over Royal Mail

Why you should choose Spicer International over Royal Mail

You may be thinking you can’t go wrong with Royal Mail; you can post a letter, large or small, for a small price all over the world! You can choose for it to get there fast or slow and it will get there! Or will it always get there? Well, that’s not a guarantee. We’ve all had an item of post that hasn’t got to its recipient or that we haven’t received, much like that very important text that we definitely didn’t forget to reply to that you never received!

Whilst Royal Mail is certainly cheap, you also get what you pay for: an untracked, unmonitored service, a kind of ‘post it and hope for the best’ deal. RM obviously offers premium services where you can pay a top price to make sure that your letter gets there signed, sealed and delivered – and in that particular service they are unrivalled on a price for letters.

Now, onto the bit where we can offer a premium service at a less than premium price. Got a parcel you need sending? Managed to sell half your wardrobe/house on eBay and looking for the most cost-effective way to send it? For a large letter, package or anything over 2kg in weight we can offer the best price around and undeniably the best service. A complete tracked, signed and monitored service. You don’t need to worry about chasing up your parcel as we will do all that hard work for you!

In fact, if you live in our local area, one of our drivers can personally pick up your item for FREE and have it delivered the very next day for you! If you’re really keen, you can even come to drop off your item to us personally. No need to spend hours queuing in the Post Office, waiting for Mabel to pay for her electricity or Nigel to send his 5000 letters that he hasn’t even written the addresses on yet.

If you’re still not sold on our service, here are the figures:

Now bear in mind that we aren’t knocking Royal Mail on their small package and letter prices; they easily offer a far more competitive price than we can in this area. But if you’ve got anything slightly larger we cannot be beaten on price.

What am I sending? Spicer International Royal Mail Signed for 1st Class
Large Letter (up to 100g) £8.95 £1.73
Small parcel 1-2kg £8.95 £6.55
Medium Parcel 1-2kg £8.95 £10.00
Medium Parcel 5-10kg £8.95 £23.00
Medium Parcel 10-20kg £8.95 £34.50

So what are you waiting for? Get that camera out and start on that pile of junk that’s cluttering up your garage! Anything over 20kg or something really big or awkward? Drop us an email and one of our team will personally respond with a quote so you don’t get stung with guessing your postage and having to pay a lot more than you anticipated!

We have worked with Spicer International for many years. They play a vital part in our business, keeping our import records in check, as well as sending and receiving our exports and imports that connect us to the world. Their attitude is that nothing is ever too much trouble and always follow through to ensure the job is completed, keeping us very happy indeed. I would highly recommend Spicer to any company out there who ships goods either within the UK or globally.
Gavin Comer, Aero Technics Ltd